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Weekly: General Cleaning/Dusting 

Using the Pallmann Hardwood Floor Dusting Pad, lightly dust the floor to remove large debris. A vacuum may also be used for large areas. The Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner can be used with the Pallmann Microfiber Pad on a weekly basis or as needed to thoroughly clean your floors. Clean stubborn spots, spills, and shoe marks by spraying the Hardwood Floor Cleaner directly on the areas.

Directions for Use: 

General Cleaning Pallmann® Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Cleaning frequency will be dependent on the floor’s location, level of use and degree of dirt retention. General cleaning should consist of sweeping with a soft broom or dry dust mop, vacuuming and/or misting the fl oor with Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner and cleaning with a dampened microfi ber mop. Directions For Use: 1. Vacuum or sweep floor before cleaning to remove dirt, grit, and dust. 2. Spray or mist a 4’x6’ area of your fl oor (use full strength from the bottle). You may also spray your mop cover with the cleaner or lightly dampen the mop cover with clean water. Wetting helps loosen dirt on the fl oor surface and quickens the cleaning process. 3. To clean, simply move the mop back and forth. Rinse the mop in clean water as it gets soiled during cleaning. A soiled mop will only move dirt around the fl oor instead of removing it. Thoroughly wring out mop after each rinsing. For stubborn spots, sticky spills and shoe marks, spray cleaner directly on the soiled area and wipe with a clean cloth or mop pad by hand if necessary. See Magic Oil Floor Care chart for service level & frequency schedule

Monthly: Inspection

Inspect protector pads on furniture, and ensure that all felt pads and walk-off mats are in proper locations. Visually inspect the wood floor for traffic patterns that may be present. If a traffic pattern is noticeable, it may be time to apply Pallmann Magic Oil Care. 

The frequency of application of Magic Oil Care will be dependent on the floor’s location and level of use. Magic Oil Care is not intended as an every-day floor care product but only for occasional use to maintain the floor’s desired appearance. If the floor begins to show wear or lose its even matte appearance, Magic Oil Care can be applied to restore a fresh, even look. 


Residential --- 1 to 2 Times Per Year 

Light Commercial ---- 2 to 3 Times Per Year

Commercial --- Once Per Month

Directions For Use: 

Pallmann® Magic Oil™ Care: Application frequency will be dependent on the floor’s location and level of use. Magic Oil Care is not intended as an every-day floor care product but only for occasional use to maintain the floor’s desired appearance. If the floor begins to show wear or lose its even matte appearance, Magic Oil Care can be applied to restore a fresh, even look. Directions For Use: 1. Vacuum and clean the floor using Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner (see General Cleaning above). 2. Shake well before using. It is recommended to ventilate the work area during the application. 3. Dilute 1oz Pallmann Magic Oil Care in 20oz of water in a spray bottle. Spray mist the floor to achieve an even layer of Magic Oil Care over an area that can be mopped in a few seconds. Using a dampened microfiber mop, spread the misted area, working with the grain of the wood, and allow to dry. Continue the procedure until the entire floor is uniformly covered. Be careful not to leave heavy lap lines or pooling. NOTE: Magic Oil Care may be applied undiluted in heavy traffic areas or on floors that sustain heavy commercial wear. 4. Clean tools after use with water. Disposal: In accordance with local, state and/or national regulations.


Several Years Later: Recoat

A new coat of Magic Oil may need to be applied to your wood floor several years after the initial application. This will ensure that you do not wear down the current application of Magic Oil to bare wood, causing expensive sanding procedures. Compared to resanding, recoating is an inexpensive procedure that often can be completed in one day, with little to no dust in the home. We recommend that you contact us directly for recoating options.


Buffing Pads 

Daily Cleaning 

6 Months to Yearly 

Where to Buy 

Information Regarding Maintaining Hardwax Floors 

If your wood floor is well cared for and maintained it will remain beautiful for longer. Please follow these tips. • All chairs and tables should be fitted with appropriate pads to avoid scratching and metal markings. • Heavy items of furniture should be lifted, not dragged. • All abrasive materials such as broken glass, grit etc. should be removed from the floor immediately. • Remove any spillages as quickly as possible, if fluid is allowed to remain on the floor for any length of time it could penetrate the oil. • Adhesive tape will soften and then remove the oil protective layer. • Plasticized material like carpet padding, furniture legs, tires, and chair castors could lead to discoloration. • No iron material directly on wood floors.

Blue tape can damage the finish of your floors. Any adhesive tape will soften and then remove the oil protective layer.

Pets can be tough on wood floors. Pet urine or feces, if left unattended for any length of time, will eventually “spot” any floor finish and nails from most dogs will scratch the finish. With hard wax finishes, spot repairs are possible, but all urine spots are not 100% repairable.  As with any finish, pet urine will stain floors on any floor with any finish. 

Fortunately, Hardwax oiled floors are repairable. Be very careful in the first few weeks. You must be the most careful with pet urine and chemicals being spilled on the floors. Making sure you don't wear shoes in the home will keep the floors from getting dirty. If you are cleaning the floor with the white buffing pad and you see dirt on the pad -- your floors are getting too much grit, dirt, and grime brought in from shoes. Although magic oil can quickly be renewed - dirt and liquids will be your worst enemy if they are introduced to your floors. 

Excellent wear and chemical resistance. But, no, you cannot let your pets pee repeatedly on hardwax oils and expect them to hold up. Heck, you can’t do that with any finish. We can show pictures from hundreds of jobs where pets have stained though OME or Waterbased Finished. 

If you have floors that have issues with urine, this product may help:

This product will help with stains from Cooking Oils: Oil:

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