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Our Services in Woodstock, Ga

Hardwood Installations
Engineered Hardwood 
Cork Flooring
Click-Lock Flooring
Tile Kitchens
Kitchen Renovations
Hardwood Refinishing
Solid Hardwood Floors
Hardwood Repairs
Tile Floors 
Tile Repairs
Kitchen Backsplashes
Laminate Installation
Hardwood Flooring 
Wide Plank Flooring
Tile Showers
Shower Renovations
Basement Remodeling
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You're looking for a great hardwood installation and refinishing professional you're at the right place. We've been installing hardwood, tile, vinyl, and carpet for closet to 20 years. 


Located in Cherokee County, Woodstock near Interstate 575, we provide exceptional service to our clients. We cover all areas of woodstock from Allatoona Lake to Downtown, we offer estimates that are itemized and can answer all your flooring needs. 


If you're looking to have your hardwood floors refinished, we offer dozens of colors that you could choose from. You may want oil-based or water-based polyurethane - we can help. 


We can fix scratches and replace bad boards and make them look as good as new. If you're not a fan of smelly floors, we could offer many different types of polyurethane that would have any off-gassing or noxious fumes.

Hardwood Guys

If you need professional installation or refinishing of hardwood, tile, vinyl, or carpet in the Woodstock and Cherokee area, we have the expertise and experience to meet your needs. With over 20 years in the business and serving all areas of Woodstock and All of Cherokee County, we provide detailed estimates and top-quality service. Our selection of colors for hardwood refinishing includes options for oil-based or water-based polyurethane, and we can also fix scratches, replace damaged boards, and offer low- or no-odor polyurethane options. Located in Cherokee County and conveniently located near Interstates 575 and 92, we are ready to assist with all of your flooring needs. Woodstock, Ga Hardwood Company 

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Floor Renovation

The Hardwood Guys Makes It Easy On Our Clients

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Prefinished Hardwood Installations

Prefinished Hardwood is a great option for your new flooring project. If you're needing floors installed quickly and not wanting to have to wait days for your new floors - Prefinished Hardwood is your best choice. From Oak, Bamboo, Hickory, to Brazilian Cherry - we can help. We provide both materials and labor for your new Prefinished Floors. 

Laminate Flooring Projects 

Laminate or Vinyl Floors are a great choice for your home, rentals, or investment properties. It's a quicker, inexpensive choice that can quickly spruce up a home and make it look new again. We over 100's of choices and can schedule your new laminate floors in Woodstock or Canton normally withing a few days. 

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Unfinished Hardwood Projects 

If you're interested in having a perfectly flat floor and want the option to choose any color you'd like - Unfinished Hardwood is your best bet. Whether it's Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, or Hickory, we can both furnish, install, and refinish your new hardwood. You're guaranteed to see your dream floor with the assurance that you're dealing with true hardwood pros. 

Hardwood Refinishing 

Are you in need of a great hardwood refinishing specialist. Whether isn't a small project or large...we can help. We can provide top to bottom project management with emphasis on doing a great job and at a great price. Call us today for a free estimate for hardwood sanding in Fulton, Cherokee or Cobb Counties.

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