Plank Tiles - What to look for?

Installing wood look tile

Wood plank tile floors have gained a good amount of popularity in the last couple of years. For good reason: they don’t have ugly wear patterns after a couple of years, they don’t need to be refinished, and they don’t dent and ding like real wood floors do. But when it comes to installing wood look tile there are some unique challenges.

I wanted to elaborate on my previous post: Wood plank tile floors: What you need to know. In this post I talked about the challenge of getting the tiles to be flat from one to the next. This is called lippage: when one tile is higher than the tile it’s next to. There’s basically two things that contribute to this: 1) The fact that most of these types of tiles have a crown, or a bow, to them; and 2) the offset patterns that are usually used.

Poorly Installed Planks - Extreme Lippage is Showing