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Bona Red Out -- Minimize The Red Hues in Red Oak -- With Photo Gallery

It is simple and straightforward to use Bona Red Out to get rid of the red and pink tones that are frequently present in red oak floors and other red-toned wood species.

In order to more closely resemble the appearance of white oak wood flooring, Bona Red Out is a two-step waterborne color neutralizer that reduces red and pink tones. Bona Red Out can be used safely on a variety of wood species, including Brazilian cherry and red oak. No matter what color or type of wood you have, this special product is the ideal first step to achieving lighter tones, including a nordic effect. It has a very low odor, dries rapidly, and is compatible with the complete Bona System®.

All flooring surfaces in homes and businesses that prefer a lighter, natural design can be safely cleaned with Bona Red Out. It saves significant time since you do not have to to water pop the floor before staining because it is a waterborne substance. Or leave it as is and go straight to Bona HD Traffic. Bona Red Out has no pot life, so there is no waste and it may be applied to numerous jobs. Also, the solution may be easily customized to meet the needs of each project by diluting it with water.

  • Minimizes the red/pink tones that are frequently present in red oak flooring

  • Easy, straightforward two-step procedure

  • Copatible with the full Bona Finishing System.

  • Low-odor, quick-drying formulation

  • No expiration date on the pot and no waste product

In summary, if you're seeking a reliable and effective solution to eliminate red tones and achieve a beautiful, lighter look on your hardwood floor, Bona Red Out is the ideal product for you. It is easy to use, safe, and will help you achieve your desired results quickly and efficiently.

Our review, Bona Red Out is a great product but it's not going to help minimize the red and pink hues but it's not 100%. We do like the product and will plan on continuing to use it as it does lighten up the look and works well with our current finish systems.

Bona HD Traffic over Red Oak with Bona Red Out. Natural Red Oak with Bona Red Out, Bona Sealer, and 2 Coats of Bona HD Traffic Satin.

Bona HD Traffic over Red Oak without Bona Red Out. Natural Red Oak with 3 Coats of Bona HD Traffic Satin. No Sealer Used.


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