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Character Grade White Oak Specials for December and January Starting from $2.99 PSF.

My favorite wood hands down is White Oak. There are differenct grades and all are beautiful and wonderful can enhance the look of any home. The grain patterns of character grade white oak are distinctive and varied, with subtle differences in color and texture that create a rustic, natural look. Character grade wood is selected for its unique features, such as knots, burls, and other natural imperfections, which add depth and character to the flooring. These imperfections are part of what gives character grade white oak its charm and adds warmth and character to a room. In addition to its attractive appearance, white oak is also a durable and hard-wearing wood, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas. Overall, character grade white oak hardwood floors are a stunning and enduring choice for any home.

We are offering a special price of just $2.99 PSF for the Materials. White Supplies Last. Must Include Labor and Refinishing for This Price to be valid.


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