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Ciranova Pink Blocker

Water-based reactive stain which neutralizes the pink appearance of wood. Also suitable for wood types which do not contain tannin.

» Neutralizes the pink appearance of certain wood species.

» Above all for use on red oak.

1 Liter should cover approx. 200 SF for 1 coat. Additional coats will require more materials.

Mix the PINK BLOCKER CLEAR with the PINK BLOCKER STAIN in a ratio of 1/1. Apply the product evenly with sprayer, roller or brush and then even out with a brush, T-bar or mop.

Pink Blocker can “pop” the grain so it is suggested that you smoothen the surface after the full reaction time with a buffing pad. Afterwards, the surface should be made dust free, prior to finishing with an oil or waterborne finish.


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