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Curly and Character Grade Heart Pine

Curly Heart pine is rarer than rare. Almost 1 in a million boards when it comes to milling heart pine. This rare and distinctive wood is characterized by its distinctive burled grain, which appears holographic and three-dimensional. You can actually see almost a 3D look when looking closely at the grain.

Found in only one out of several thousand logs retrieved from mostly rivers in the southeast, curly heart pine is a genetic anomaly that is inherited by certain longleaf trees. These trees are often described as being "bumpy" in appearance and tend to grow in groups, so if you find one, you may be able to locate others nearby.

Curly heart pine offers a figure unlike any other burl wood in the world, with a luminous, vibrant color and some lighter tones on the edges. It is also known as Rosemary Heart Pine and is characterized by its rarity, with knots being rare and heart content varying.

If you're wanting to add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to your upscale home, something that you may never see in another home, consider incorporating curly heart pine into your design. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this stunning and rare wood to your home. Call us Today for a free estimate. #TheHardwoodGuys #CurlyHeartPine


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