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1/2 The Price of Sanding. Amazing Results in Kennesaw | Click to Watch Video | The Hardwood Guys

Our customer in Kennesaw, Ga had a very dirty and hazy floor that wasn't sanded too long ago but after a couple of years, was missing all it's luster. Instead of full sanding, we offered our screen, clean and recoat service and next thing you know...she has that shine back. It literally has a new brand spanking new finish. We did this service in 1 day and they now can enjoy their beautiful home.

Scuffs and scratches on your hardwood floors are one of the first indications that they require screening and recoating. As a result of normal wear and tear, your floor accumulates scuffs and imperfections over time. Your hardwood will show apparent scratches caused by dragging furniture, pet claw marks, and excessive foot usage.

Thankfully, some scratches barely penetrate the polyurethane surface, in which case hiring a floor repair specialist to screen off the top layer and apply a new coat is all that is required.

Another indication that your hardwood floors want a fresh coat of finish is when you notice they no longer have the gleam they did when they were first put in. Your floors may look hazy and hs no luster. The loss of shine also signals that the top polyurethane coating layer is beginning to deteriorate, which makes it less likely to offer adequate defense against more serious scratches and scrapes.

With our one day service, we can help restore the beauty of your floors. Call The Hardwood Guys Today for a Free Quote.


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