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Stunning Select Grade White Oak Hardwood Floor Transformation

The Modern Transformation: From Red Oak Floors to Pristine White Oak Plank

Home renovations have an incredible way of bringing

new life to an aging space, and the transition from red oak floors to solid white oak planks is no exception. We recently embarked on a journey of overhauling more than 3000 square feet of flooring and outdated staircase, and the transformation was nothing short of spectacular.

**Out with the Old Red Oak**

For years, the dominance of prefinished red oak gave homes a specific, traditional feel. While this wood type possesses its unique charm, changing tastes and design trends mean that homeowners are now yearning for something fresher and more modern. The dark stained red oak treads and rails in the home, once a statement of luxury, began to feel outdated.

**The Majestic White Oak Makeover**

Our team meticulously removed the dated red oak, making room for the alluring select grade solid white oak planks. White oak is renowned for its smooth grain, durability, and subtle elegance. The lighter tones of this wood type open up spaces, making rooms feel more expansive and welcoming.

What makes this renovation particularly distinct is the care with which the wood was treated post-installation. Bona NaturalSeal was used to give the oak a gentle, natural clean look

, preserving its inherent beauty. This was followed by two coats of Bona Traffic HD, ensuring a resilient finish that's prepared to withstand daily wear and tear.

**A Fresh Approach to Staircases**

Staircases play a pivotal role in home design, often serving as a focal point of entryways. The dark stained red oak treads and rails were replaced with a modern twist. Our team introduced block-style newels, which not only offer structural support but also bring in a contemporary aesthetic. Complemented by decorative balusters, the staircase now stands as a testament to modern design brilliance.

**The Final Verdict**

The shift from red oak to white oak, combined with the quality finishes, has given this home a facelift that is both modern and timeless. The subtle hues of the white oak, highlighted by the clean and clear look of the Bona sealants, perfectly encapsulate today's interior design inclinations.

For homeowners considering a flooring transformation, this project serves as an inspiration. Modern looks, when executed with precision and care, can indeed be breathtaking. The blend of contemporary design with the timeless appeal of solid wood ensures that this home is not only on-trend for today but will remain a classic for years to come.


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