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Why Do My Laminate Floors Look So Dirty? How to Make Laminate Floors Look Clean Again.

When factory finished flooring, such as laminate, vinyl plank, bamboo, cork, and even some wood, is manufactured, the edges of the individual boards are coated with oil or wax to help seal them and prevent moisture intrusion. However, during the coating process, some of the mist from the spray lands on the top of the boards and creates a thin layer of "over-spray" that is clear and not easily visible. This over-spray can attract cooking oils and other contaminants that are brought into the house, causing the floor to accumulate dirt and other residue.

Despite the negative impact on the appearance and cleanliness of the floor, the factory does not remove this over-spray due to the added cost and production time that it would require. As a result, laminate floors may become prone to collecting footprints and paw prints from bare or stocking feet and pets. Even when using store-bought laminate floor cleaners, such as Bona, Mop and Glow, Fantastic, or Orange Glo, the over-spray cannot be effectively removed and may instead mix with the cleaner, making the problem worse. These cleaners may also fail to adhere properly to the aluminum oxide coating, which is a protective layer on the top of the floor, resulting in a streaky, smudgy, and dirty appearance.

The Solution

Are you looking to restore and maintain the shine on your laminate floor? Our State of the Art Machines, used with out Deep Scrub cleaner is the perfect solution for removing stubborn residue and factory over-spray, without damaging the floor. Whether your floor is brand new or a few years old, this cleaning process is essential for keeping it in top condition. Plus, once you've done it, you won't have to worry about it again (unless you accidentally spill something on the floor.

If you have an older laminate floor that's showing signs of wear, such as scuff marks or scratches, or if you want to add a layer of moisture protection and boost the shine, we recommend using our Restorer product. This will help to hide blemishes and add a high-quality finish to the floor, while also protecting it from liquid spills. If you prefer a matte finish, simply apply one coat of Restorer.

If your laminate floor is new, you may choose to skip the Restorer product and just use the Deep Scrub cleaner to remove any residue or over-spray. This will still give your floor a thorough cleaning and make it easier to care for and maintain.

Once your floor has been cleaned with Deep Scrub and treated with Restorer, you can use our neutral Flooring Cleaner for regular maintenance. This cleaner is designed specifically for laminate floors and will help to maintain the shine, without leaving any streaks or residue behind. For best results, use our microfiber mop, which is effective at picking up bacteria and can be easily washed without bleach or fabric softener.

If you ever need to remove the Restorer finish, simply use the Deep Scrub cleaner. And if you notice any areas of the floor that are starting to wear faster than the rest, or if you want to touch up a specific spot, you can easily apply more Restorer to blend in with the rest of the floor. When it comes time to redo the floor after a year or two, you won't have to do the Deep Scrub cleaning again. Simply clean the floor with the maintenance Flooring Cleaner and reapply the Restorer Finish.

In Summary

Our cleaning machines used with our products offer a deep cleaning and high-performance floor coating that will help seal your floor, hide scratches and scuffs, protect the original surface, and give your floor a beautiful new shine. You'll be amazed at the incredible results you'll achieve with these fantastic products.

Not only are our products effective at revitalizing and protecting your laminate floor, but they're also 100% biodegradable. So you can feel good about using them in your home and know that you're making a responsible choice for the environment. Give us a call to schedule a consultation. You will see the difference it can make for your laminate floor.


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